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Here are a few interesting articles that offer new possibilities for non-traditional Hot Yoga Teachers:

  1. Demonstration
  2. Speaking
  3. Be aware of your body language / nonverbal communication
  4. Choosing your location
  5. Getting away from instruction


You can work with Tomasz 1-on-1, and hone your teaching skills in the private teaching sessions.

Travel to Phuket, practice in the group morning classes with Tomasz, then take the coaching sessions in the afternoon.




Perhaps you would like to

• Know how to teach multi-level classes better, and take care of Students with injuries / limitations?

• Find a way to ‘be yourself’ when teaching and love it...?

• Get off the 'dialogue' and customize the sequence you teach to the needs of your Students?

• Connect with your Students, and help your Students in a much deeper, more meaningful way?

• Bring variety, creativity and a new passion to your teaching?

• Increase your understanding of Hot Yoga’s powerful ‘technology’?

• Grow your confidence, class attendance numbers, and maximize your income

and more.


For the fees, please contact Tomasz directly.

(Here is the accommodation)


Coaching for Yoga Teachers


More info

Tomasz will design them in detail when you are already here, so the material will match your needs. We are 'learner oriented, performance based' - you will be practicing teaching, and practicing your teaching skills. This will NOT be all ‘a lecture’.

  • postures modifications for Students with injuries / limitations / pregnancy / brand-new beginners
  • adjusting sequence according to need
  • confidence / voice / language / positioning / energy / pacing / body language / ability to inspire / being authentic / getting off ‘dialogue’ / other
  • how to open a hot yoga studio, or add hot yoga classes if you own a studio already
  • how to speak with students pre- and post-class, how to sell memberships, teach private hot / hatha / vinyasa classes
  • whatever else required!

8:30 – 10:00 am Morning practice (Hot Yoga class at studio)


1:00 – 4:00pm coaching session

6:45 – 8:00pm Evening practice (optional)


Injuries photo


Even more info

If the entire material I am presenting is INSTRUCTION, my class will be lame, exhausting and not well-attended.

However, if I am willing and able to take chances on humor, having some fun, developing an interesting teaching personality…

If I am able to make time to address the benefits, other relevant information that my students may find interesting…

If I am willing to be vulnerable and take chances on whether they will well-receive or NOT receive something I say from the heart -

Now I am onto something BIG!

My classes will flourish, and importantly, I will nicely develop as teacher, and holistically grow to be a better and happier person!

1. Hot Yoga Evolution: Beyond Traditional Hot Yoga

› How to get out of the “traditional” 26-posture sequence with alternative sequences: hip-openers, backbends, leg-stretching, lotus-series, twists, inversions, quiet sitting
› How to modify Hot Yoga postures to accommodate Students with limitations, pregnancy, injuries
› Hot Yoga posture variations for fun and creative exploration
› How to take the Hot Yoga practice to the next level: “Get out of the box” advanced keys and tricks


2. Original Communication

› How to find the True Voice and teach “from the Heart”: humor, passion, dedication, inspiration, transformation
› How to go “beyond words”: body language, non-verbal instruction, demonstration
› How to get results in a non-confrontational way: empathy, connecting, emotional intelligence skills
› How to be interesting
› How to teach in English to non-English speakers
› How to inspire and help your Students grow


3. Personal Attention

› How to interview Students and follow-up before/after class
› How to talk about yourself, about yoga, and how to answer questions
› How to teach huge classes, big classes, small classes and private sessions
› How to teach Hot Yoga to help people heal


4. The Art of Correcting

› How to correct and encourage Students (it’s NOT how you think!)
› How to adjust in a confident, and sensitive, way
› Hot Yoga Hands-On Adjustments
› How to handle “difficult” Students and situations


5. ‘Exceptional Experience’ + Business of Hot Yoga

› How to successfully teach large Yoga classes AND connect with each Student individually
› How to teach Brand-New Beginners and have them join as members, the first day
› How to teach multi-level Hot Yoga classes effectively, and make the class-size grow
› Hot Yoga as a business – How to make everyone happy (Yes, you can!)


6. Essentials of Asana in Heated Environment

› How to combine sequencing, heat, humidity, air-flow and interior design for the best possible Hot Yoga experience
› How hot is too hot, and what to do when it’s not hot enough.



The Hot Yoga Evolution has been created as an answer to the urgent need of our times: the people want to ease the stiffness of the body, be empowered to follow their heart and use their mind toward fulfillment of the full human potential. We are dedicated to helping people activate that potential in this lifetime. Behind the business structure of our work lies our Company's and our true purpose: the union with the divine.


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