• Hi Tomasz, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am to have the good fortune of benefiting from your hot yoga classes. You are a positive force in my life now and I'm most grateful. I love the challenges and benefits felt by following your practice. Thank you for making the hot yoga experience so interesting, challenging and rewarding. With warm regards, Edan

  • ...Wanted to share some awesomeness- lately I have been getting lots of great feedback from students, feeling recharged in my teaching and my path as new possibilities seem to unfold every day. This week a student asked me how I feel when I'm teaching a few classes a day and I joked to her that it's all good, except for the talking and sometimes I wish I could just lead a silent class. And she said, "No! The talking is why we come to YOUR classes. You talk TO us, not AT us and I don't care if there's 20 people in class I always feel like you are talking right to ME. That's awesomeness!

  • ... The course has been a great experience and I am inspired to do more. ;-)

  • ... Love Tomasz’s way of teaching!

  • Hi Tomasz, I just wanted to send a little message and say a big thank you for such an amazing week. The course was really amazing and I feel I got so much from it on so many levels. The candle lit class on the final night was the highlight for me. Really special and emotional. I have come away from this week feeling like I have met some really wonderful people and have learned so much and feel more enriched and excited about my yoga practice and moving forward to my teacher training. So again thanks so much, hope to see you again soon. Amy

  • Orange

    ... I love yoga even more than before! I feel wonderful!

  • Painted Wood

    ... I’ve been exposed to a whole new world of hot yoga and I’m so excited to continue this beautiful journey with my new found knowledge and experiences.

  • ... I am so pleased I took part in your course. It has deepened my practice and consolidated my focus. Importantly, it has opened my awareness to the longevity and quality Yoga can bring into my life.

  • ... The course brought together a lot of concepts for me – both in the practical, through the asanas, and the meditative, spiritual aspect, which is yoga.

  • ... Tomasz! You taught me more than I realized, in the immersion. I'm filtering in things from your example each class I teach. And your joy of Yoga still sits with me, even tho I have been with many teaches I rarely see that raw joy coming thru. Thank you!

  • ... Dear Tomasz, it was a great pleasure and opportunity to attend the Hot Yoga Immersion and to have met you, and it was such a great experience for me. I’d like to thank you for all the insights you have provided, excellent techniques, and ways to improve my practice, and the great knowledge you have imparted in me. I can bring all that I’ve learned from the workshop and course and share it with my fellow yogi friends back in Singapore. My stay has been a wonderful experience and I have to tell you this is one of the best yoga retreats I have ever attended!

  • Tomasz is:

    Very caring, and sensitive to proficiency levels of individual Students.

  • Tomasz is:

    Creative, and good at sharing his experience.

  • Tomasz is:

    Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

  • Tomasz is:

    Funny. Approachable. Very good workshop/program leader. Seems to be able to sense what the group needs at different times, very good at seeing each individual, as well.

  • Tomasz is:

    An awesome teacher, excellent teaching and presentation style.

  • Tomasz is:

    Precise, down to earth, knowledgeable – excellent grade!


The Hot Yoga Evolution has been created as an answer to the urgent need of our times: the people want to ease the stiffness of the body, be empowered to follow their heart and use their mind toward fulfillment of the full human potential. We are dedicated to helping people activate that potential in this lifetime. Behind the business structure of our work lies our Company's and our true purpose: the union with the divine.


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